Nella Aarne
Bio Nella Aarne is a curator living and working in South West England and London. She is the Co-Director of Obsidian Coast with artist Sam Smith, and the convener of the Of Animacy Reading Group at the ICA, London. Envisaging feminist and environmentally sustainable modes of practice, her work considers collaborative learning and notions of productivity. She is invested in critical thought that calls for heightened sensitivity to our own socio-political and material entanglements with boundless subject positions, histories, living beings, molecular compositions, technological apparatuses and infrastructure. Nella has worked on curatorial projects for Arnolfini, ICA, Glasgow International, Art Licks Weekend and Science Museum. She earned her BA Honours in History of Art from the University of Leeds in 2012, completed the MFA Curating programme at Goldsmiths in 2015, and was the recipient of the Curatorial Junior Fellowship at Goldsmiths in 2015–16.