Nella Aarne
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Writing commission for Exercises in Togetherness
Published by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, 2023
At the Service of One Another

Writing commission for Unchorus
Published by Freelands Foundation, 2023
Drift into the Depths

Residency Unlimited
1 Mar 2022 – 30 Apr 2022
Residency with the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York

Obsidian Coast
4 — 17 Oct 2021
Jamila Prowse: An Echo For My Father
Obsidian Coast
3 Jul — 18 Sep 2021
April Lin 林森: (Tending) (to) (Ta)

Abandon Normal Devices
Sun 20 Jun 2021, 18.00
As part of AND Festival 2021
Resurface: Hypericum: A Code of Practice

Somerset House
Tue 16 Feb 2021, 18.30
As part of Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy
Notes on our Collective Cosmoecological Body